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Dr. Steve Emslie

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Notes from the Field

Follow along with blogs, pictures and videos from Dr. Emslie and his team as they travel to Antarctica to study penguins, both past and present.


Current Research Trips

Steve's Antarctic Blog - 2017-2018

Past Research Trips

Steve's Antarctic Blog - 2015-2016

December - January 2012 - Antarctic Research Blogs

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Mike's Antarctic Blog - 2011-12

Rebecka's Antarctic Blog - 2011-12

Dr. Emslie's Antarctic Blog - 2011-12

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November-February 2010/11 - Antarctic Research Blogs

Mike's Antarctic Blog - Nov. 19th 2010 to Jan. 8th 2011

Rebecka's Antarctic Blog - Dec. 17th 2010 to Jan. 18th 2011

Dr. Emslie's Antarctic Blog - Jan 9th to Feb. 15th 2011


January 2010 - Dr. Emslie's Antarctic Blog

Dr. Emslie's Antarctic Blog 2010


December-January 2009/10 - Mike's Antarctic Blog

Mike's Antarctic Blog 2009/10


January 2009

Dr. Emslie joined an international team at a Spanish International Polar Year camp on Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, Antarctic Peninsula. This research provided new information on the occupation history and diet of penguins that have occupied Byers Peninsula for over 1000 years. Click here to read more about Dr. Emslie's research at Byers Peninsula.


December 2008

Mike continued his work collecting penguin eggshells along the Antarctic Peninsula. Mike was working with a non-profit research group called Oceanites and visited over 20 different penguin colonies on board the tour ship National Geographic Endeavour. Mike and Dr. Emslie will analyses these eggshells to determine what types of food penguins eat prior to laying their eggs. Check out the video below to hear Mike talking about this research.