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Dr. Steve Emslie

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UNCW Department of Biology and Marine Biology


Rebecka Brasso's

Antarctic Research Blog 2011-12

Follow along with Rebecka as she travels to the Antarctic Peninsula to study penguins by checking out her blog at


2011 Field season in the Antarctic Peninsula

This season I will once again travel to the Antarctic Peninsula to conduct my research and to work as a member of the Oceanites Antarctic Site Inventory Field Crew. I will be travelling aboard the Akademik Ioffe with One Ocean Expeditions.

This year I will be maintaining my blog on an external web site for ease of updating while in the field. My blog can be found at and I will begin to update it shortly! Due to a lack of internet sufficient for blogging aboard the Ioffe, my updates will be less frequent. Posts will likely occur the first week of December, December 17-18, and at the end of my trip on December 28-30. Stay tuned!