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Welcome to the Education Section!

These penguin instructor's guides are for second and fourth grade students. They were developed at UNCW to help teach local elementary school students about some of the penguins of Antarctica. The instructor's guides are complete with seven different hands-on and interactive lessons. These lessons are designed to engage and inform the students. The lesson plans are all aligned with North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Each goal and objective is listed at the beginning of the specific lesson. The goal of these instructor's guides is to provide lessons that integrate science, technology, language, and other elementary subjects.

To access the instructional materials click on the links below. You will be taken to another page that lists the different lessons that have been developed for each grade level. There will also be directions about how to easily use and access the materials.

Second Grade Curriculum

Fourth Grade Curriculum


Ninth to Twelfth Grade Curriculum


Now, for a little entertainment. Below is a link to a web page that lists educational penguin games. Have fun!

Educational Penguin Games