Past & Present


Dr. Steve Emslie

Principal Investigator

UNCW Department of Biology and Marine Biology


Educational Penguin Games


Amazing Penguin: Concentration Game - Like concentration but students need to match facts. Good for gr. 2-3.

Emperor Penguin Chick Puzzle - Level of difficulty can be altered.

Macaroni Penguin Puzzle -Level of difficulty can be altered.

Adelie Penguin Puzzle -Level of difficulty can be altered.

Penguin States and Capitals Game - Fourth grade game

Penguin Word Search - Easy to use, but challenging to complete

Ice Ice Maybe: Penguin Math Game - Use your estimation and approximation math skills to position floating icebergs and bounce the penguins safely from glacier to glacier.

Penguin Jump: Math Game - Pengion Jump is a multi-player racing game for multiplication. Students jump on icebergs answering multiplication problems.

Peabody the Penguin: Math Game - Practice your division while helping Peabody the Penguin catch as many fish as he can through the ten levels.

Minko's Milkshake Shoppe: Math Game - Those crazy penguins from Cone Crazy have now opened a milkshake shop! Make the milkshakes, and serve them while practicing your divison skills.