Past & Present


Dr. Steve Emslie

Principal Investigator

UNCW Department of Biology and Marine Biology

Welcome to the Second Grade Webquest!

Introduction- The North Carolina Zoo is extending their Antarctic exhibit to include penguins. It is going to be called Penguins: Past & Present! The zoo is hiring researchers to develop the exhibit and make it a perfect home for the penguins.

Task- Your job is to assume the role of one of the researchers.

Heidi Habitat- Heidi Habitat is an expert at where the penguins live. She studies their environment and the weather where they live.

Debbie Diet- Debbie Diet researches what the penguins eat, and is in charge of making sure the zoo orders the right food for them.

Nestor Nesting- Nestor Nesting studies how the penguins build their nests and take care of their eggs.

Timmy Tuxedo- Ted Tuxedo is the penguin expert. He studies the penguins’ appearances and how they move.


1. You will be divided into groups of four.
2. Each group will pick two penguins to learn about (One that you are already learning about  and one free pick).
Adelie    Chinstrap    Gentoo    Emperor
King    Macaroni    African    Rockhopper
Little Blue    Yellow-eyed

3. Each group member will be assigned a role.
4. Explore the websites below, by clicking on the names of the penguins, and research your penguins.
5. Each member must write a paragraph about their research. Put all four paragraphs in a report using Microsoft Word.
6. Draw a detailed picture of what the Penguins: Antarctica Live! exhibit looks like.


Adelie 1

Adelie 2

Chinstrap 1

Chinstrap 2

Gentoo 1

Gentoo 2

Emperor 1

Emperor 2

King 1

King 2

Macaroni 1

Macaroni 2

African 1

African 2

Rockhopper 1

Rockhopper 2

Variety of information:


Not at all



Very Good


Cooperated with group

Did not cooperate

Only cooperate mildly

Cooperates with group

Cooperates and tries to help others

Cooperates and leads the group

Completed paragraph

No sentences completed

1 sentence

2 sentences

3-4 sentences

5 or more sentences

Completed exhibit picture

No exhibit picture created.

Exhibit picture incomplete and does not show best work.

Exhibit picture showing good work.

Exhibit picture showing very good work and some detail.

Detailed exhibit picture showing best work.



Congratulations, you have finished your penguin webquest! Now you are an expert about penguins and you can share your research with your classmates.