Studies in American Naturalism 15.2


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Studies in American Naturalism

Volume 15, Number 2 Winter 2020



“A Good and Noble Nature”: Naturalism, Populism, and
Ignatius Donnelly’s Caesar’s Column
Andrew Carlyle Urban

“Oh, come out here and see the fi re, will you?”:
U.S. Disaster Culture and Vandover and the Brute
Vincent M. Basso

“Eternal symbols of a dream”: Upton Sinclair, Sacco and Vanzetti,
and the Meaning of Anarchism
Dan Colson

American Tragedies: Dreiser and Faulkner
Gary Harrington

“You make yourself into a monster so you no longer bear responsibility
for what you do”: Dexter, Naturalism, and Neoliberal Crime Discourse
Alan Gibbs


American Literary Naturalism: Late Essays, by Donald Pizer
James L. W. West III.

Th e Oxford Handbook of American Literary Realism, by Keith Newlin
Katherine Fusco

Chairman Kittredge London: Trailblazer, Author, Adventurer,
by Iris Jamahl Dunkle
Zena Meadowsong

Working Women in American Literature, 1865- 1950,
edited by Miriam S. Gogol
Heather Yuping Wang

Television and Precarity: Naturalist Narratives of Poor America,
by Jasmin Humburg
Lauren Navarro

Figures of the World: Th e Naturalist Novel and Transnational Form,
by Christopher Laing Hill
Patti Luedecke



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