Training Materials


ACT101 Introduction to Accounting Handout

ACT101 Introduction to Accounting Power Point

ACT103 Introduction to UNCW Travel Power Point

ACT104 General and Trust Funds Power Point

ACT105 uShop Expenditures - Reference Guide

ACT105 Data Dictionary

ACT105 Equipment Account Codes

ACT105 Banner Account Codes Power Point

ACT106 Taxation Overview Power Point

ACT107 External Invoicing

ACT107 Quick Reference Guide

ACT201 UNCW Employee Travel Power Point

ACT203 Nonresident Alien Taxation & Compliance Power Point

ACT203 Nonresident Alien Taxation & Compliance Handout

ACT301 Journal Entries Handout

ACT301 Journal Entries Power Point

ACT302 Understanding Interdepartmental Transactions Handout

ACT302 Understanding Interdepartmental Transactions Power Point

ACT303 Non-Employee & Student Travel
BAN101 Banner Navigation - Available on Skillport via MySeaport
BAN103 Querying Self Service Banner Finance

BAN202 Managing Funds Handout

BAN202 Accessing Rule Codes

BAN202 Banner Keyboard Shortcuts

BAN301 Banner Requisition/PO Query Forms Handout

BGT101 Introduction to Budgets Power Point

BGT101 Budget Pools & Rule Codes

BGT201 On Line Budget Revisions Handout

BGT201 Banner Budget Revisions Power Point

BGT201 Banner Budget Pools & Rule Codes

BGT204 Flexing with the Stars Power Point

BGT204 Flex Form

BGT301 Receipt Supported Budgets Power Point

BGT301 Reporting Template

BGT301 Student Fee Proposal

BGT302 General Funds Budgets Power Point

BGT302 Purpose Codes

BGT303 Banner Position Control Power Point

BGT304 Personnel Budgets Power Point

BGT304 HR335

BGT305 The Money Flow Power Point

BGT305 Funding Model Example


BGT305 BD307

BGT305 BD606

BGT305 BD701

BGT305 BD725

CGT101 Introduction to Contract & Grant Funds Power Point
CGT201 Using Banner to View Contract & Grant Funds Handout
CGT301 Managing Your Contract and Grant Funds Power Point
FIN101 Finance Orientation Power Point
FIN102 Year End Processing Power Point

INT101 Intro to Internal Controls (How to Pass an Audit)

INT101 Internal Controls Checklist (xlsx)

PCI201 PCI Data Security Awareness Power Point

PUR101 Purchasing Processes I Power Point

PUR101 Purchasing Matrix

PUR201 Purchasing Processes II Power Point

PUR202 P-Card Training Power Point

PUR202 P-Card Compliance Infraction Guide

PUR204 P-Card for Budget Authorities Power Point

PUR206 uShop User Guide (see uShop Home Screen)

PUR206 uShop Quick Reference Guide

PUR301 Independent Contractor Procedures Power Point

PUR301 Independent Contractor Quick Reference Guide

PUR302 Fixed Assets/Equipment Tracking Power Point

RCT101 Petty Cash Requests

RCT101 Petty Cash Reimbursement Request

RCT201 Deposit Transmittals Overview

RCT201 Deposit Transmittal Form

RCT202 Renewal of Departmental Receipting Privileges

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